EMC has signed in September 2019, the launch of the Electric Climatic Characterization & Endurance tests Bench (ECLAIR) entirely dedicated to the validation of e-motors. Unique in its kind, ECLAIR achieves high performance in terms of rotation speed, torque and power in a controlled climatic environment. With the growing demand for testing electrified components in the automotive and aeronautics industries, EMC is supporting this evolution with the latest generation of equipment.

electrical testbed caracterization electrical vehicle
Front view of the bench and its acquisition bay

A trio of high-performance torque regime-power

With a total power of 270kW, a rotation speed of up to 21krpm and a torque of 510Nm up to 6000rpm, the ECLAIR bench’s high performances allow it to test over 90% of existing and future EV models. This test mean covers the characterization and validation stages of electrified powertrains or electrical components.

Achieving high performance levels unparalleled on the market, ECLAIR is equipped with a battery emulator (250kW / 1000V / 1000A) and a high-precision wattmeter (WT3000E).

battery emulator EV
Battery emulator : 250kW / 1000V / 1000A

Available at the Achères technical centre, ECLAIR represents nearly two years of research and manufacturing by our in-house design office. In addition, this project was supported by ADEME in 2017 in the category “Vehicles and transport of the future”.

Test your specimen in real life with the climatic chamber

Demands for climate validation are increasing, but the means to meet these requirements are scarce. This is why the ECLAIR bench is equipped with a thermal box to meet the requirements of real-life tests.

The box, fixed to the surface block, hermetically encloses the specimen and generates thermal variations in ambient air from -45°C to +120°C. On request, it can also produce thermal shocks with a cooling unit for water or oil from -30°C to +120°C. ECLAIR reproduces all living and climatic conditions even in extreme environments.

CAD of the climatic bench

Technical characteristics of the ECLAIR bench

  • Dynamic bench 1 machine
    • Total power: 270kW
    • Rotation speed and Torque: 21krpm and 510Nm up to 6000rpm
    • Rises to 21,000 rpm
  • Climatic conditions
    • Ambient air: -45°C to +120°C
    • Water or oil: -30°C to +120°C, cold group thermal shock (fluids as required)
  • Acquisition
    • PULSAR (EMC): Fast 5000hz acquisition, for bench control and supervision (10khz on specific values via wattmeter (WT3000E))
    • PULSAR VIBE (EMC) : Vibration acquisition, 50kHz on 8 channels for vibration monitoring and LMS station for post-processing and characterization
  • Battery simulator 250kW / 1000V / 1000A
  • Precision torque measurement range 1000 Nm 22 000 rpm : HBM T12HP
  • CAN VECTOR card or ETAS equipment with motor control link (INCA)

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