On March 28, 2019, Olivier Crastre, President of EMC, signed the company’s sales agreement with Matthieu Cognet, President of the EMITECH Group. This integration of EMC as a full-owned subsidiary signals the creation of a new group on the test, test bench and engineering market.

An obvious marriage for both parties

Convinced of the need to concentrate companies to boost activities, Olivier Crastre had already merged MTT Moteurtest and EMC in 2017. After sixteen years at the head of the company, he handed over the presidency of EMC to the EMITECH Group. This acquisition allows both entities to reach a critical size and to establish themselves on the mechatronics market in Europe.

Olivier Crastre explains his choice by the proximity of the two entities both in terms of their strategies and their corporate visions. French and independent, EMC and EMITECH share common values such as: expertise and high technicality, people, independence from clients, entrepreneurial spirit and investment.


Olivier Crastre (left) and Matthieu Cognet (right) at the signing ceremony.

Olivier Crastre (left) and Matthieu Cognet (right) at the signing ceremony signature.

Matthieu Cognet, President and Stephan Lassausse, General Manager EMITECH will be in charge of EMC’s strategic management. Sébastien Potteau, already EMC Technical Director, takes over from Olivier Crastre as Operations Director for the subsidiary’s three business units: testing, test bench design and engineering.

With this acquisition, the EMITECH Group is continuing its trajectory to strengthen its position in the high value-added testing and engineering market. This industrial project is part of the dynamics of the automotive sector coupled with the desire to assert its position in the main industrial sectors in France.


An expanded and complementary offer for the industry

The Group enters a new dimension

Together EMC and EMITECH are becoming an important player in the test, test bench and engineering market with :

  • A wide range of services: EMC, RF, electrical, climatic, mechanical, hydraulic, reliability, fire tests; test benches, engineering, fixed price services, training,
  • Key figures: 550 people, €55 million in turnover, 18 sites throughout France, a pool of resources and test benches unique in Europe,
  • Strong organic growth (nearly 10% each year), and regular external growth guaranteeing its development and sustainability,
  • A unique structure in the service sector,
  • Reconnaissance: Nadcap, Cofrac, SAFRAN, ATR, National Instruments…

Expending automotive services

The automotive sector now represents more than 40% of the turnover of the new EMITECH Group. There are many synergies between the two entities and will make it possible to meet the challenges of the automotive industry. The challenges of tomorrow, including the launch of intelligent, communicating, electric or hybrid vehicles. To meet these needs, the new EMITECH Group will invent and build new test facilities.

electric car component

The EMITECH Group will cover all validations of an electric vehicle.


Diversification into aeronautics, energy, etc.

In the aeronautics sector, a promising sector since the creation of EMITECH, the more electric aircraft will require innovation and validation of all the solutions of the major players in the sector. EMITECH will be present to: test equipment and systems, build suitable benches, put skills at the service of manufacturers. The other sectors such as energy, railways and nuclear energy offer diversification opportunities for EMC. This diversification is facilitated and catalyzed by the listing of EMITECH among the main leaders in these markets.

By forming this group, the new group meets the expectations of the major customers’ purchasing strategies: reducing the number of partners, optimizing relationships and improving supplier performance.

The EMITECH Group is thus becoming one of the largest independent groups in the world of test laboratories, test benches and engineering.


About the EMITECH Group

Emitech was founded in 1989 and forms the Emitech Group with its subsidiaries Eurocem,
Adetests, Environne’Tech, Dirac, Pieme and Lefae.
Emitech’s headquarters are located in Montigny-le-Bretonneux near Paris.
It has sixteen sites with accredited laboratories in electromagnetic compatibility, radio, electrical
safety, human exposure to electromagnetic fields, fire, climate, mechanics, hydraulics, reliability,
acoustics and metrology. The EMITECH Group specializes in the certification (CE marking,
trademarks, etc.) and qualification of equipment and components through its three business lines:
testing laboratory, expertise & engineering and training. Emitech is a notified Body N°0536, ILAC,
recognized in more than 60 countries via the CB scheme, ISED (Canada), VCCI (Japan) and FCC
accredited (USA).
The EMITECH Group has more than 350 employees and, with its projected 2019 sales of €39.1
million, reinforces its position as a leader in environmental testing.


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