This Wednesday we inaugurated the new Expertise Building at Bosroumois!

This building will host a mechanical expertise laboratory, an engine assembling and dismantling room, the offices of the site’s maintenance teams and, to come, an assembly and validation area for test benches. Our customers (PSA, Renault, Aramco, Bosch, IAV, Litens) and partners were present, as well as Ms. Grandjean Deputy Mayor of Bosroumois, Mr. Laycuras, Sub-Prefect of Bernay and Mr. Quetier, Vice-President of the Communauté de Communes.

Many thanks to our Bosroumois teams for organizating this afternoon!

Visits: Thibault, Clément, Vincent C., Vincent L., Damien and Sébastien.

Photographs: Vincent Léonard and Guillaume Huvey