At the end of 2018, EMC unveils its brand new project dedicated to innovation: Route 26, the industrial accelerator. As a gateway to the industrial world, this startup incubator hosts innovations that contribute to the development of more efficient, affordable and sustainable mobility.

Located in Achères, Route 26 adapts to the needs of entrepreneurs and provides them with a range of human and material resources: prototyping tools, development and validation test benches.


startup industrial incubator


Route 26 is one of EMC’s innovation pools. We are looking for great ideas that will improve the performance of current and future engines for all types of transport. But also innovations that will develop the artificial intelligence of vehicles and their means of production. To this end, Route 26 supports startups from the formulation of their technological concept (TRL 2*) to their sufficient maturity (TRL 6) so that it meets the requirements of the industrial sector.


Test benches, machining workshops, assembly, laboratories (engine and software), Route 26 is the unique structure in France to make a range of state-of-the-art equipment accessible. With its dedicated space, the accelerator is located in EMC’s technical centre in Achères. In the heart of the Paris basin, this proximity to industrial resources allows for continuous support by expert engineers and technicians on both technical and strategic issues. Each incubation program results in the final realization of a viable prototype validated on high-performance industrial resources.


Born from the observation of a complex link between industrial groups and startups due to their different nature and temporalities, Route 26 is positioned as a communication channel facilitating the connection of these two actors. Benefiting from EMC’s 25 years of expertise in the automotive, aeronautics and defence sectors, entrepreneurs have access to a wide network of partners. The prototypes developed and validated at Route 26 provide the market with a stable and concrete innovation.

At the end of the incubation program, the objective is that the project can be deployed industrially by large groups or in the EMC product range. We are convinced that this will create a win-win-win relationship that respects the expectations and constraints of each party:

  • Entrepreneurs, by offering them an optimal environment and services to develop their idea in complete serenity,
  • Industrial groups, by providing them with an innovative solution that meets their needs and is ready for deployment,
  • EMC by investing in high-tech projects that will place it at the heart of the mobility of the future.



Incubation or acceleration? Short time or long time? The support itineraries and services implemented are adapted to the level of maturity of each project. Incubation at Route 26 follows four steps.


3 weeks to 2 months to define the economic model of the project and the long-term strategy while benefiting from methodological and technical assistance. Study of the technical viability, validation of the targeted market and elaboration of the business plan, everything is taken into account to obtain a precise idea of the startup’s development. We rely on our mutual knowledge to minimize potential risks and clearly identify the win-win-win strategy to adopt. A 66m² coworking area is available for entrepreneurs. It includes all the necessary supplies to progress in optimal conditions (meeting room, relaxation area, printer and WIFI).



6 to 18 months to complete the project and achieve TRL 6. For material solutions, Route 26 provides its assembly workshops, boiler works, lathes, milling machines to build heavy prototypes. We facilitate the contact with our service partners for specific requests. It is be possible to test and validate innovations (algorithms, software, hardware) on test benches to make a Proof Of Concept (POC). This tailor-made planned step encourages startups to prepare for the future by giving them access to a network of funding sources and a network of first-class partners.


One day every 6 months is held the Demo Day. It is the opportunity for startups and large groups to meet each other. Organized in the form of pitch and exchange sessions, the Demo Days are an opportunity to forge links with industrial partners and present the solution. After a Demo Day, the partner can call on the startup and Route 26 to develop a POC on request.



Timing according to the startup, this step corresponds to the rise of the startup. Legal advice, HR, accounting, communication, everything is in place to enable the project to be structured in a sustainable way. Route 26 offers the opportunity to use a range of business skills that contribute to the success of the project.



To be part of the adventure, simply send us a description of your project.

The selection is made according to the following criteria:

  • Having an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Thinking of a theme that can be applied to mobility technologies: energy efficiency, pollution control, artificial intelligence, data management, electrification, hybridisation, alternative energy sources (H2, biofuel), new uses and modes of mobility, autonomous vehicle, plant 4.0, etc.
  • Pragmatically assessing the project’s potential and market.


Therefore, if you have a brilliant idea and want to share it with us, drop us a lign at 😉

And check out the incubator website.

*TRL = Technology Readiness Level