In May 2019, the aeronautical test bench of Bosroumois site was renovated by EMC teams to meet current technological requirements. Its versatility has been enhanced to adapt it to automotive testing.


Development bench - Certification bench - aeronautical bench

View of the Aero bench automotive configuration

Renovating for more comfortable testing          

Designed in 2004 on the behalf of SMA Engines (now SAFRAN Group), the aeronautical test bench cultivates its uniqueness among EMC benches. The teams have redesigned it with the experience of aeronautical tests.

The bench has a large capacity air inlet and outlet for propeller operation and noise reduction. Aircraft engines can be tested in propeller configuration or with a load machine (brake).

The renovation includes:

  • Restoration of the mechanics and the water network
  • Renovation and complete cleaning of the acoustic panels
  • Installation of a new fast acquisition system: PULSAR 2019 software (5-100Hz), to answer more demanding and specialized requirements in terms of measurement accuracy, number of acquisition channels and test cycle programming.
  • Working ergonomics of the test and maintenance technicians, which was at the heart of the concerns of this renovation.


Technician test management

Cockpit with bench operator

The advantage of aeronautical- auto versatility

This bench is dedicated to development and certification tests, carried out on four-cylinder 230hp engines up to 400hp. This last step is essential in aeronautics for any use of commercial aircraft.

The versatile bench gets its name from its versatility in propeller or brake operation. Since the renovation, it is no longer limited to aeronautics but also hosts automotive engines.

This bench is similar to the family of automotive engine benches available on the Normandy site. It works with all types of fuel, from internal combustion engines to hybrids with the addition of a battery simulator.

This achievement highlights EMC’s extensive know-how in the design and manufacture of new or old test equipment. It illustrates our expertise in the total renovation of test cells to make them more modern and more compatible with new uses such as development tests for electrical solutions.

Technical specifications

  • Eddy current brake bench
  • Power 380 KW
  • Torque 1600Nm up to 2300 rpm
  • Max speed 9000 rpm
  • Fast acquisition configurable from 5 to 100hz
  • RPM – torque mode control
  • ETAS equipment with motor control link, lambda meter
  • Combustion analysis system: Osiris, Indicom
  • Consumption measurement by Coriolis flow meter
  • Fuel conditioner
  • Combustion air + humidity regulation
  • Vehicle or bench line assembly
  • 45m² cell


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Automotive testing facilities

Rear view of the bench

Test - Engine - automotive

Rear view of the bench and its full stainless steel electrical cabinet

Water network Test Bench

Renovation of the water tank in full stainless steel