Put into production at the Normandy site in December 2018, the B9 is the first test facility dedicated to automotive powertrains. Completely designed by EMC teams, it allows a representative development of a complete vehicle. This bench perfectly meets the evolving needs of powertrains regardless of their energy type.


automotive powertrain bench

Two machine powertrain test bench for testing complete vehicles.


For electric, hybrid or combustion powertrains

This new industrial means makes it possible to test a large number of possible combinations without being encumbered by the vehicle’s integral structure. Facing the challenges of developing ever cleaner and more energy-efficient vehicles, the GMP bench welcomes engines of any kind: thermal, light hybrid (48V) or heavy (high voltage) and all-electric.

This versatility allows the B9 to respond quickly to the development and fine-tuning needs of automotive manufacturers and OEMs. Thus, the endurance or development tests carried out on the B9 make it possible to validate the architectures chosen in terms of mechanical reliability, pollution and consumption.


A unique test bench is a sign of our expertise in mechatronics

Already referenced by a car manufacturer, the GMP bench has been completely designed by our design, maintenance and tests teams. All the mechatronics professionals (mechanical, electronic and software) were involved in the project. In this way, we illustrate our ability to carry out a complex project within a tight timeframe. From the design to the validation, it took nearly 6 months for the first launch to be completed.

The bench is accompanied by specific components from EMC’s product range: the fuel conditioner and the latest version of the PULSAR control and acquisition software, dedicated to GMP tests. This unique and rare industrial resource for an SME enhances our service offer. It strengthens our desire to support our partners in optimizing sustainable mobility.


 Technical characteristics of the GMP bench

  • Dynamic bench 2 machines
    • Total power of 400 kW
    • 4000 Nm till 1000 rpm
    • 1280 Nm at 3000 rpm
  • Fast 500hz acquisition
  • Driving in rpm, torque or vehicle speed mode
  • ETAS equipment with motor control link, lambda meter
  • Combustion analysis system: Osiris, Indicom
  • AVL consumption balance
  • Fuel conditioner
  • Combustion air
  • Vehicle or bench line assembly

Options :

  • Gas analysis system: 5 gas analysis bay + EGR
  • Particle analysis system: Pegasor
  • Fumimeter – Opacimeter
  • LMS or SONAR (EMC) vibration measurement station
  • Battery simulator (if required)
  • Cold Group Thermal Shock (fluids if required)


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>> For any request for information on our test equipment, you can contact Mr. Moisy at the following address: ludovic.moisy[@]emcfrance.fr