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Conception de bancs d'essais

To develop a bench according to your specifications, we bring our expertise as well as our experience in mechatronics engine tuning, electrification and environmental constraints. We are mastering several items such as: thermal, hydraulic, regulation, mechanical, electronic, software, electrical and high speed rotation machines.

Our test bench solutions address all sectors: automotive, aeronautics, defence, railway, marine but also industry.

You will be supported by our project managers throughout the creation of your bench. EMC is developping the best technical solution to answer your specifications: the development, the validation and the maintenance.

Each test bench is based on the partnership we have with the customer, supported by the involvement of dedicated teams and by our expertise. 

NI Partner

Prior to this, the analysis of your specification or request for quotation


Risks analysis

  • Availability of the required skills
  • Planning of the workload in accordance with the expected delivery time
  • Are the specifications completed ?

Technical meetings

  • Listing of customer requirements
  • Open points with the customer
  • visit to the client's premises
  • Synoptic proposal
  • Layout plan
  • Exchange with suppliers

Our pre-study includes a risk analysis, technical exchanges with the customer and the delivery of a technical and financial offer.

Our objective is to secure the whole project regarding the deliverables, the deadlines and costs.

Management in project mode ensuring a continuous quality approach and deadline and cost control

Once our offer is accepted, a project manager is appointed to coordinate all the players.

A weekly meeting is set up to review progress and discuss points related to the design, the human-machine interface (HMI), the schedule, the supply deadlines, and the lists of actions to be taken in the coming weeks.

A bi-monthly steering committee carries out a progress summary, updates the project dashboard and the project risk analysis.

Your bench in 8 steps

Focus on our bench design expertise


  • Control command
  • System and control law modeling 
  • Coding - Autocode
  • Automatisation 
  • Test and validation
  • Electronic/electrical architecture

Fields / Systems

  • Embedded calculator
  • Test bench 
  • Railway openning systems
  • Marine propulsion systems
  • Radar systems

Job Profiles

  • Labview Design Engineer
  • Modeling Engineer
  • Automatician
  • Embedded Developer
  • Software Architect 
  • Validation Engineer

Softwares: LabView, Simulink, Stateflow, TestStand 

Languages: C, C++, Python, Matlab

Standards: ISO 26262, EN 50128

Mécatronique - Software


  • Card design
  • Schematic - Routing follow-up
  • Board testing and validation
  • System test, HIL test
  • EMC

Fields  / Systems

  • Signal and image processing
  • Power electronics
  • Analog and digital electronics
  • HV/LV electrical

Job Profiles

  • Electronics Engineer
  • Electrotechnical Engineer
  • Validation Engineer
  • Electric / Electronic validation Technician  


  • Altium Designer
  • Orcad
  • Pspice
  • Dspace
  • See Electrical
Mécatronique mécanique


  • Specification
  • CAD – drawing
  • Calculation – modeling
  • Vibratory dimensioning
  • Mechanical, climatic, environmental tests 

Fields  / Systems

  • Test benches
  • Marine propulsion systems
  • Flight controls 
  • Cockpit
  • Battery

Job Profiles

  • Design Technician/engineer
  • Calculation Engineer
  • Validation Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Testing Technician


  • Creo
  • Ansys
  • SolidWorks
Mécatronique - Software


  • Modeling
  • Dimensioning
  • Performance determination 
  • Test and validation
  • Calibration 

Fields / Systems

  • Thermal / electric / hybrid engines
  • Combustion
  • Thermal 

Job Profiles

  • Energy Engineer
  • Propulsion Engineer
  • Thermal Engineer
  • Testing Technician
  • Validation Engineer
  • Calibration Engineer / Technician


  • Simulink
  • Stateflow
  • TestStand
  • AMESim
  • GTSuite
  • Converge
  • INCA  
Compétence motorisation


  • Specification
  • Dimensioning
  • Modeling Simulation
  • Control Command
  • Test  

Fields / Systems

  • Hybrid and Electric powertrain
  • Marine propulsion systems
  • Battery
  • Landing gear
  • Electrical machines

Job Profiles

  • Power Electronics Engineer
  • Automatic Engineer
  • Testing Engineer and Technician 


  • Matlab
  • Simulink
  • Stateflow
  • Dspace


  • Laboratory testing
  • On-site measurements (acquisition, analysis, diagnosis)
  • Expertise in technological choices, design review, compliance
  • Documentary writing (EMCCP, QTP, QTR, similarity report)
  • Project follow-up (assistance, coordination, ...)
  • Qualification follow-up (qualification plan, testing follow-up and management...)
  • Certification follow-up (normative and regulatory monitoring, marking validation, ...)
  • Numerical simulation 

Fields / Systems

  • Product development
  • Product qualification and certification
  • Worldwide approval
  • Waves and health

Job Profiles

  • Testing Engineer and Technicians
  • Test Manager
  • Project Manager / Coordinator
  • Qualification / Certification Engineer
  • Metrology Engineer and Technician

Environment: Electrical safety, Radiofrequencies, EMC / Electric / Lightning, Vibration / Shocks / Shaking, Climatic / Physico-chemical, Hydraulic, Acoustic, Fire

Languages: BatEMC, Accys, Pulsar, Concerto, MDA, Diadem

Standards: ISO 9001, ISO 17025


Examples of achievements

Architect and integrator of complex solutions